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Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein

By Richard Brinsley Peake


Wild Border of the Lake. At the extremity of the stage, on U.E. R.H. (into flies), a lofty overhanging mountain of snow. Music. -- All the Gipsies discovered in various groups. (A pistol shot is heard, R.H. The Gipsies start up alarmed. A second pistol is fired nearer. The Monster rushes on with the locket worn by Agatha during the piece, from R.H. 1 E. The Gipsies scream out and fly in all directions. Hammerpan is on the point of escaping, L.H., when the Monster seizes him, and Hammerpan falls down on being dragged back near R.H. The Monster points off to R.H., to intimate that Frankenstein is approaching, throws down the locket, commands the gipsy, Hammerpan, to show it to Frankenstein -- the Monster threatens him, and rushing up the mountain, R.H. U.E., climbs, and disappears.)

Enter Frankenstein, 2 E. R.H., with two loaded pistols and a musket unloaded. At the same time Hammerpan rises and gets near 1st wing, L.H.

Frank. In vain do I pursue the wretch, in vain have I fired on him. (Throws his gun from him, R.H.) He eludes the bullet. Say, fellow, have you seen aught pass here?

Ham. The giant creature, who aroused us in the forest, rushed upon me but this instant, and pointing to the path by which you came, intimated that I should give you this.

(Presents locket to Frankenstein.)

Frank. 'Tis Agatha's -- the murdered Agatha! Malicious fiend! it will joy you to know that my lacerated heart bleeds afresh. Revenge shall henceforth be the devouring and only passion of my soul. I have but one resource -- I devote myself either in my life or death to the destruction of the Demon! Agatha! William! you shall be avenged.

Ham. See yonder (points U.E. R.H.), the monster climbs the snow.

Frank. Then this rencontre shall terminate his detested life or mine!

(Music. -- Frankenstein draws his pistol -- rushes off at back of stage -- leading to R.H. U.E. -- The gipsies return at various entrances -- both from L.H. and R.H. -- At the same time, enter R.H., Felix and Clerval with pistols, and Safie, Elizabeth, and Ninon following. -- The Monster appears at the base of the mountain, Frankenstein pursuing R.H. U.E.)

Cler. Behold our friend and his mysterious enemy.

Felix. See -- Frankenstein overtakes him -- let us follow and assist him.

(Is going up stage with Clerval towards U.E. R.H.)

Ham. Hold, master! if the gun is fired, it will bring down a mountain of snow. Many an avalanche has fallen there.

(Music. -- Frankenstein discharges his pistol. -- The Monster and Frankenstein meet at the very extremity of the stage. -- Frankenstein fires his second pistol -- the avalanche falls and annihilates the Monster and Frankenstein. -- A heavy fall of snow succeeds. -- Loud thunder heard, and all the characters form a picture as the curtain falls.)