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Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein

By Richard Brinsley Peake


An Ante-chamber in Belrive.

Enter Elizabeth, R.H., hastily, meeting Ninon, L.H. -- Music ceases.

Eliza. Whence is this fresh alarm?

Ninon. I know not, madam. Oh, wretched day for poor Ninon! Mr. Frankenstein is stark mad; he ran out but this instant, jumped into his boat, and rowed off rapidly.

Enter Fritz, L.H., alarmed.

Fritz. Oh, oh, oh! -- I've seen it -- I've seen it again! The great creature, it got out of one of our windows and scudded off in a boat, and there's Mr. Frankenstein got another boat, and is going after the great creature like lightning.

Eliza. Where -- where are our friends?

Fritz. Oh, I don't know; there's Mr. Frankenstein gone after the great creature, Mr. Clerval and Mr. Felix have gone after Mr. Frankenstein, and I'm going after them all.

[Crosses, and runs off, R.H.

Safie. (Without.) Help! ah, help!

Enter Safie, L.H. -- Crosses to Elizabeth, and throws herself into her arms.

Safie. Ah, Madame! Agatha, my sister -- the gentle Agatha -- I fear, is no more.

Omnes. Agatha!

Eliza. Gracious Heaven! what horrible destiny hangs over us?

Safie. Stretched on the ground she lies. Ah! Elizabeth, the spark of life may yet not be extinct.

Eliza. Hasten -- hasten to the apartment.

[Hurried music. -- Exeunt hastily, L.H., Elizabeth, Safie, and Madame Ninon.