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Frankenstein; or, The Man and the Monster

Henry Milner


PRINCE DEL PIOMBINO. -- Green Italian tunic, richly embroidered with silver, crimson sash, white pantaloons, yellow boots, Italian cap and feathers.

FRANKENSTEIN. -- Black velvet vest and trunk breeches, grey tunic open, the sleeves open in front, slashed with white, black stockings and shoes.

QUADRO. -- Blue doublet, vest, trunk breeches and stockings.

RITZBERG. -- Dark brown doublet, mantle, trunk breeches, stockings, and hat.

STRUTT. -- Blue doublet with long tabs, dark brown vest and tight pantaloons, boots, small three-cornered hat.

JULIO. -- White satin embroidered tunic, white silk pantaloons, scarlet bottines, white satin Italian cap.

# # # # -- Close vest and leggings of a very pale yellowish brown, heightened with blue, as if to show the muscles, &c., Greek shirt of very dark brown, broad black leather belt.

ROSAURA. -- Embroidered dress of pink satin.

EMMELINE. -- Short German pelisse of a dark brown, over a slate coloured petticoat, dark brown Polish cap.

LISETTA. -- Italian peasant.

SCENE. -- The Estate of the Prince del Piombino, near the foot of Mount Etna.

TIME. -- From Sunset on one day, till Midnight the next.