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Frankenstein; or, The Man and the Monster

Henry Milner

Act II, Scene VIII


-- The summit of Mount Etna -- the crater occupies the middle of the stage -- near it is the path-way from below -- in very distant perspective are seen the sea and towns at the foot of Etna -- the volcano during the scene throws out torrents of fire, sparks, smoke, &c. as at the commencement of an eruption.
(The MONSTER ascends from below, faint from loss of blood and overcome by fatigue -- he is followed by FRANKENSTEIN, whom he immediately attacks and stabs with the dagger he had taken from his wound -- as FRANKENSTEIN falls, EMMELINE rushes in shrieking and catches his lifeless body -- the MONSTER, attempting to escape, is met at every outlet by SOLDIERS and armed PEASANTRY -- in despair he rushes up to the apex of the mountain -- they rush in and fire on him -- he immediately leaps into the crater, now vomiting burning lava.