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Frankenstein; or, The Man and the Monster

Henry Milner

Act II, Scene VI


-- Interior of the Hermit's Cave.
STRUTT and PEASANTS discovered seated round a table.


Well, upon my soul, it's a monstrous pleasant retreat. And now for the little store of choice Falernian.

Peasa. (who has been hunting about the cave)

Here it is, Master Strutt; here's his reverence's holy water.


Out with it, then, and in with it. If his reverence should miss it when he comes home, he knows where to get more. Old Quadro's sins will always keep his cellar well stocked. So now my lads, charge your cups. (PEASANTS have meanwhile placed on the table several flagons of wine, horns, &c.) Now for it, fill all, and mind it's a bumper. (all fill) Here's confusion to any creature that would harm a defenceless woman and a helpless child; for be their shape what it may, they must be monsters indeed.


{37} Bravo! with all my heart! (all drink.)


And now I'll give you another. Here's our noble selves, and may all our future enterprizes be crowned with as complete success as that which we have now so gloriously achieved.

(They have their cups raised to their lips, when the MONSTER, still lowering himself by his rope, descends from an aperture in the roof of the cavern, and stands on the table in the midst of them -- they all shrink back in terror with loud cries -- and fly in extreme fear -- the MONSTER in rage dashes about the seats -- STRUTT takes an opportunity to stab him in he back, and flies leaving the dagger in the wound -- the MONSTER extracts it, and roaring with pain rushes off, L.