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Frankenstein; or, The Man and the Monster

Henry Milner

Act I, Scene VII


-- A Landscape.
Enter JULIO, L.


I can't conceive what has happened to Mr. Frankenstein; when I spoke to him this evening he was so cross, and so abstracted, and so mysterious; and now my father, the Prince, has given a grand festival expressly to do him honour, and he is nowhere to be found. I wish I could meet with him. I think he loves me, and I would coax him out of his gloomy humour, and lead him smiling and good-natured to my aunt Rosaura, or I'd know the reason why; I am determined. (music -- the MONSTER furiously rushes on, R.) Ah! what a dreadful {14} creature is this? (the MONSTER approaches and seizes him) Oh! -- help, -- mercy, -- spare me, -- spare me! -- (the MONSTER expresses that his kindly feeling towards the human race have been met by scorn, abhorrence, and violence, that they are all now converted into hate and vengeance; that JULIO shall be his first victim; he snatches him up and bears him off, R.; crying "Mercy; -- help, help!"