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Frankenstein; or, The Man and the Monster

Henry Milner

Act I, Scene VI


-- The inside of Ritzberg's house. Entrance door in flat -- in some part of the scene, a fire-place.
The MONSTER dashes open the door and enters, bearing EMMELINE -- he places her in a chair, and looks round for some means of assisting her, perceives the fire, discovers by touching it, that it yields heat, removes the chair with EMMELINE to the fire and remains watching her. The CHILD enters, on perceiving the MONSTER, utters a shriek of terror, and runs across the stage exclaiming, "Mother! mother!" RITZBERG then enters, is likewise alarmed at the appearance of the MONSTER. The MONSTER observes the CHILD with admiration and beckons it to approach him, which the CHILD refuses to do, he then softly approaches the CHILD with gestures of conciliation, the CHILD endeavouring to escape from him. EMMELINE utters a piercing shriek -- RITZBERG snatches up his gun, fires at the MONSTER, wounds it in the shoulder. The MONSTER puts down the CHILD, who rushes to his mother's embrace -- expresses the agony occasioned by the wound -- the rage inspired by the pain -- would rush on RITZBERG, who keeps the gun presented, it is deterred by fear of a repetition of the wound, rushes out of the hut, RITZBERG remains on the defensive, whilst EMMELINE thanks Heaven for the preservation of her child.