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Chapter XIII

Some Instances of the Folly Which the Ignorance of Women Generates;
with Concluding Reflections on the Moral Improvement that a Revolution
in Female Manners Might Naturally Be Expected to Produce.

There are many follies, in some degree, peculiar to women: sins against reason of commission as well as of omission; but all flowing from ignorance or prejudice, I shall only point out such as appear to be particularly injurious to their moral character. And in animadverting on them, I wish especially to prove, that the weakness of mind and body, which men have endeavoured, impelled by various motives, to perpetuate, prevents their discharging the peculiar duty of their sex: for when weakness of body will not permit them to suckle their children, and weakness of mind makes them spoil their tempers -- is woman in a natural state?

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