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my form is a filthy type of your's

There are occasions in this novel where the subtlety of the verbal patterning may leave readers shaking their heads. The Creature, alluding to the journal in which Victor describes the process of his creation, appears deliberately to echo the ugly language with which Victor had earlier, in marked aversion, recounted that experience to Walton. We are thus to suppose that Victor has been reusing phrases from that journal in his narrative. For his "workshop of filthy creation," see 1.3.6 and note. For his further reference to the Creature as "the wretch, the filthy dæmon, to whom I had given life," see 1.6.7. At the end of this interview Victor will revert to the adjective to characterize him once again (2.9.4), and the word then appears in the penultimate sentence of the 1818 volume translated into nightmarish proportions (2.9.7).