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the lessons . . . sanguinary laws of man

The Creature means that the story of Felix's efforts on behalf of Safie's father and the ruination suffered by the De Laceys as a result have taught him how to manipulate the judicial system. Thus, his framing of Justine Moritz is deliberate. There is a further sense in which he has also framed the magistrate Alphonse Frankenstein to become complicitous in a grave injustice, but that solid upright citizen is never aware of it.

A particularly brutal aspect of the "sanguinary laws of man" that the Creature did not learn from Felix but has discovered on his own is how to victimize women. In the 1831 text Mary Shelley stresses that Justine is framed becauise she represents the type of Safie who fled in fear from his presence. In the revised text, then, the planting of the picture is a symbolic form of rape.