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This is the first word that Victor utters to his Creature. Perhaps, as the allusions to Satan in the previous paragraph suggest, it is already in his mind. But, there is a dimension to this epithet beyond its effectiveness as an index to Victor's mental state, a timeless and mythic dimension. Although rigorously suppressed wherever organized Christendom extended its arms into secular society, the writings of heretical theology, particularly from Gnostic sects, continually revert to the concurrence of creation and the fall as two aspects of a single event. Thus to create is to cast out, on a universal level as well as, literally so, in childbirth. The cast-off in this case functions as Satan in a dual sense -- as a disrupter of the putative unity of God and his coextensive creation, and -- from the Hebrew root -- as the accuser, who here immediately upbraids Victor Frankenstein for not doing his duty by his creature.

Note how carefully Milton embeds this coincidence, without heretically stressing a linkage, in the moment where God divides himself so as to function on a second level, as a Creative Word, the Logos that will render God's conceptual blueprint for the universe into a workable reality (Paradise Lost, V.594-617).