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on the shores of the lake of Como

Today, Switzerland and Italy share access to Lake Como as they do to the larger Lago Maggiore somewhat to its west. The Shelleys and Claire Clairmont stopped at Lake Como in the spring of 1818 and, they claimed, would have settled there had they been able to find suitable lodgings. In the event, their fortunes led them further south, and Mary Shelley herself was not to return to the fabled beauty of these surroundings until well after the revised edition of Frankenstein was published. She obviously returned there frequently in her imagination. It is on Lake Como that the small remnant of survivors for a time is able to reestablish a human community in The Last Man, her novel of 1826. Years later, her lengthy sojourn in the vicinity of Lake Como during the summer of 1840 is lovingly recorded in her Rambles in Germany and Italy published in 1844.