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every one else believes in her guilt

Although Victor's jumping to conclusions about the guilt of his Creature indicates how widespread is the temptation to judge without evidence, the fact that Justine has been convicted in the popular mind before her trial even starts introduces a sinister element to the social dimensions of the novel. The class issues that will arise in the trial are highly complicated. The small detail of how the Frankenstein family was circumvented by its own servants, who were the ones to appeal to the magistrates (see 1.6.10), is telling in its representation of how widespread has been the process of scapegoating that has eventuated in Justine's arrest. This detail may also suggest that the Frankenstein family has itself attempted to keep faith with Justine and thus, in some sense, may serve to mitigate the reader's own temptation to rush to judgment over the family's complicity in an exercise of injustice.