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Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein

By Richard Brinsley Peake


A Country View. Rustic Church in the distance. On R.H. 3 E. a large Yew Tree, spread plentifully with boughs. Music. -- A Foreground on L.H. 3 E., with pathway behind it. The procession, as before, returning from the marriage ceremony. The corps de ballet, Villagers, preceding, dancing, followed by Felix, Safie, Clerval, and Elizabeth, all L.H.

Ninon. (Heard without, R.H.) Oh, mistress! Oh!

Fritz. I couldn't help it -- murder!

Enter Ninon and Fritz, R.H.

Ninon. But where did you leave him?

Fritz. I didn't leave him, he left me. Oh, dear. (Cries.) Murder! My nerves!

Ninon. Oh, wicked Fritz!

Eliza. What is the matter, good Ninon?

Fritz. She says her husband's wicked.

Ninon. (To Elizabeth.) William, your brother William is the matter; the boy is lost, no one can find him. I sent him to that Fritz, that he might be out of the way.

Fritz. Yes; and now he's out of everybody's way.

Eliza. This is most extraordinary -- a frolic of the little rogue.

Fritz. No, no, it isn't; I saw -- my nerves! Oh, dear! I saw -- a great something snatch him up. (Cries.) I -- oh! -- oh -- dear! Oh, oh, oh! Murder!

Cler. There's Frankenstein.

Enter Frankenstein, L.H., with a pistol.

Eliza. My dear Victor, know you aught of William? The child has been missed in a most unaccountable manner.

Frank. My brother missing!

Ninon. Fritz was with him.

Fritz. Oh, master! a great creature -- oh! oh! oh!

Frank. Oh, horror! -- the demon!

Cler. Hasten, my friends, one and all -- all search. Our pastime is marr'd till the boy is found.

[Music. -- All exeunt in consternation at different entrances, excepting Frankenstein, who appears lost in desponding reverie. -- He turns; the boughs of the yew tree, R.H., are pulled apart, and the Monster is discovered behind it, with William in his grasp. -- Frankenstein draws a pistol, and points it -- the Monster holds forth the child, when Frankenstein lowers his pistol, and kneels. -- The Monster again shoulders the child, and rushes off within the path, L.H. 3 E. -- Frankenstein rises, and pursues them in despair. L.H. 3 E.