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Queen Mab

By Percy Bysshe Shelley

To Harriet *****

WHOSE is the love that, gleaming through the world,
Wards off the poisonous arrow of its scorn?
    Whose is the warm and partial praise,
    Virtue's most sweet reward?

Beneath whose looks did my reviving soul
Riper in truth and virtuous daring grow?
    Whose eyes have I gazed fondly on,
    And loved mankind the more?

Harriet! on thine:--thou wert my purer mind;
Thou wert the inspiration of my song;			10
     Thine are these early wilding flowers,
     Though garlanded by me.

Then press into thy breast this pledge of love;
And know, though time may change and years may roll,
     Each floweret gathered in my heart
     It consecrates to thine.