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The Sorrows of Werter

By Johann Wolfgang Goethe



June 11.

SAY what you please, I can stay in this place no longer. What should I do here? I am weary of it. The Prince, it is true, treats me in all respects as his equal, but still I am not at my ease here. Besides, we are at bottom very different men. He has a good understanding, but quite of the common kind; and the pleasure I have in his conversation, is only such as I receive from reading a well-written book. I shall stay a week more here, and then travel about again. What I have done best, since I came to this place, are some drawings. The Prince has some taste for the arts, and would have more, if it was not cramped by cold rules and technical terms. I often lose all patience, when with a glowing imagination I am giving to art and nature the most {143} lively expression, and he stops me with learned criticism, upon which he highly values himself.