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The Sorrows of Werter

By Johann Wolfgang Goethe



July 24.

SINCE you are so much interested about my progress in drawing, I am sorry to tell you, that I have hitherto done very little in that way. I never was in a happier disposition; I never understood nature better; I never was more sensible of the sublime parts of it, nor entered more minutely into its details; and yet I don't know how to express the state in which I am: my executive powers fail me; every thing swims and dances before me, and I cannot make an outline. I think I should succeed better in relief, if I was to use clay or wax: I shall try, if this lasts any longer. Three times I have begun Charlotte's picture, and three times have dishonoured my pencil. I don't know how it is; not long ago I was very happy in taking likenesses: I have made {67} a shadow of her, and I must content myself with that.