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The Sorrows of Werter

By Johann Wolfgang Goethe


July 15.

NO, I am not mistaken -- I read in her eyes that she is interested for me; I feel it. And I may believe my own heart, which tells me that she -- dare I say it? -- Can I pronounce the divine words? -- She loves me.

That she loves me! Oh! how the idea exalts me in my own eyes! How -- I may tell you, for you are capable of understanding it -- How I honour myself since I have been beloved by her! Is it presumption, or is it a consciousness of the truth? I do not know a man who is capable of {61} supplanting me in the heart of Charlotte; -- And yet when she speaks of Albert with warmth, with tenderness, I feel like an ambitious courtier, who is deprived of his honours and his titles; or the soldier whose sword is taken from his by his prince.