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The Sorrows of Werter

By Johann Wolfgang Goethe


July 8.

HOW can I be so childish? I depend on every turn and change of countenance. How can I be so childish? -- We have been at Walheim: the ladies went in a carriage, but we got out to walk. Whilst we were walking, I thought the eyes of Charlotte -- but I was mistaken -- However, I will tell you in two words, for I am now dying with sleep. When the ladies got into their coach again, young W. Selfstadt, Andran, and myself, were talking to them at the window; the young men were gay, and full of spirits; I watch- {59} ed Charlotte's eyes; they wandered from one to the other, but did not light on me; upon me, who stood there motionless, and saw nothing but her. My heart was bidding her adieu a thousand and a thousand times, and she did not even look at me. The coach drove off, and a tear was ready to start. I followed her with my eyes; I saw her put her head out of the window. Alas! was it for me that she looked out? I know not; and uncertainty is my comfort perhaps. -- Good night. -- I see my own weakness.