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Samuel Johnson's Definition of Polar

From Samuel Johnson, The Dictionary of the English Language (1755):

POLAR. adj. [polaire, Fr. from pole.] Found near the pole; lying near the pole; issuing from the pole.

As when two polar winds, blowing adverse
Upon the Cronian sea, together drive
Mountains of ice. Milton's Par. Lost, b. x.

I doubt
If any suffer on the polar coast,
The rage of Arctos, and eternal frost. Prior.

POLARITY. n.s. [from polar.] Tendency to the pole.
This polarity from refrigeration, upon extremity and defect of a loadstone, might touch a needle any where. Brown.
POLARY. adj. [polaris, Lat.] Tending toward the pole; having a direction toward the poles.
Irons, heated red hot, and cooled in the meridian from North to South, contract a polary power. Brown.
[polus, Lat. pole, Fr.]

1. The extremity of the axis of the earth; either of the points on which the world turns.

From the centre thrice to the utmost pole. Milton.

From pole to pole
The forky lightnings flash, the roaring thunders roll. Dry.