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It is this system of dissimulation, throughout the volume, that I despise. Women are always to seem to be this and that -- yet virtue might apostrophize them, in the words of Hamlet -- Seems! I know not seems! -- Have that within that passeth show!--

Still the same tone occurs; for in another place, after recommending, without sufficiently discriminating delicacy, he adds, 'The men will complain of your reserve. They will assure you that a franker behaviour would make you more amiable. But, trust me, they are not sincere when they tell you so. -- I acknowledge that on some occasions it might render you more agreeable as companions, but it would make you less amiable as women: an important distinction, which many of your sex are not aware of.'--

This desire of being always women, is the very consciousness that degrades the sex. Excepting with a lover, I must repeat with emphasis, a former observation, -- it would be well if they were only agreeable or rational companions. -- But in this respect his advice is even inconsistent with a passage which I mean to quote with the most marked approbation.

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