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If Walton is truly using this word in a painterly sense, then the meaning is unusual, centered on the concept of harmony or proportion, thus not at all equivalent to the action of "maintaining" one would expect without the attached caveat. Here are its painterly connotations as represented by the Oxford English Dictionary:
a. In Painting. orig. The maintenance of the proper relation between the representations of nearer and more distant objects in a picture; hence, in more general sense, "the proper subserviency of tone and colour in every part of a picture, so that the general effect is harmonious to the eye" (Fairholt); the maintenance of harmony of composition.

b. generally. Agreement, congruity, harmony.

c. Phr. IN OR OUT OF KEEPING WITH -- in or out of keeping (within) or out of keeping (with): in or out of harmony or agreement (with).